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Aluminum Foil Bag Cold, Heat, Barrier Performance

What is the difference between printing and not printing? Why do you want to print? This is the first time to do Aluminum Foil Bag customers asked the question, some customers believe that the concept of custom aluminum foil bag is also relatively vague, generally think that customers see this aluminum foil bag, I also want this one , How much money a kind of problem. And this ignores a lot of information, such as other customers of this aluminum foil bag is printed, the size is how much and so on.

And Aluminum Foil Bag do not print is the original color of the bag, do not print the information bags, such bags we also like to call the general Aluminum Foil Bag. Which is given to which manufacturers can use, without any information, through the release certificate. Stick stickers to respond to relevant information.

Aluminum Foil Bag have a lot of performance is not comparable to other plastic bags, and its cold, heat, barrier properties are very good. Today we have a simple exchange of aluminum foil bag moisture reasons for it.

Aluminum foil bag composition of raw materials is usually PET / AL / PE, material thickness ratio of 12: 7: 40, at room temperature can guarantee oxygen transmission rate of 0. Since the oxygen can not pass, let alone water vapor, So he has a moisture-proof performance is also reasonable. Because of its barrier properties so good, can be effectively applied to the need for long-term storage of food packaging. Common is a lot of cooked meat products within the vacuum Aluminum Foil Bag.

In addition, there are aluminum vapor deposition, the raw material is usually PET / cooking AL / PE, material thickness ratio of 12: 600: 40, this bag of oxygen after the aluminum foil bag, but also on the moisture requirements Not very harsh products can choose the type of packaging.

Through the above analysis of the aluminum foil bag material, moisture-proof aluminum foil bag moisture reasons you should also understand it? All in all, the performance of the bag is closely related with the material used in the bag, understand the material performance, will be able to determine the performance of packaging.