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Food Packaging Bag The Formation Is Not Only A Requirement Of Beauty, But Also About The Quality Of Food

First, packaging film to meet national standards, can not shoddy. Food companies must first understand their own Food Packaging Bag need any material; followed by regular packaging enterprises to do custom processing. As a result of some food companies lack of professional knowledge of packaging materials and the simple pursuit of low-cost, from time to time was fooled by the situation. In the case of composite bags, for example, many foods are used for vacuum packaging. The materials of such bags should be at least one layer of nylon. However, some compound bags on the market have cut corners, no nylon materials, but polyester plastic (PET) , Because nylon material than PET twice as expensive. The result is the bag is very brittle and soft, anti-puncture ability is weak, resulting in food packaging leaks, broken bags, more harm than good, economic losses and negative impact is much higher than the cost of low-cost bags. Also, such as the new packaging materials, seven layers of co-extruded bags, should be at least two layers of nylon, but some use a layer, and nylon content is low, and some use smuggled garbage material, the problem is more. This kind of bag barrier is poor, easy to break, intolerant high and low temperature. Currently on the market there are aluminum bags to aluminum foil bags to the food business to sell the situation, but also need to identify and prevent deceived.

Second, Food Packaging Bag to meet the food safety and quality requirements. 1, food enterprises should be required to use packaging bags manufacturers in line with national standards of packaging film. If the composite bag material to use green and environmentally friendly, do not use benzene and other harmful substances dry composite plastic packaging, because of its easy to penetrate the contaminated food. 2, Food Packaging Bag to be flat. No scratches, burns, bubbles and wrinkles, no fidelity. Leveling is not only a beautiful requirement, but also about the quality of food, if the bag is not flat, for high temperature cooking or low temperature frozen food packaging is easy to crack. 3, printing to use green materials. QS standard requirements of food packaging shall not be detrimental to human health of benzene solvent, but because the benzene solvent than the environment-free benzene, ketone free solvent price is about 30% lower, and bright, color firmness is good, so many Packaging bags also use such materials, often contaminated food problems. 4, the production of food packaging business packaging enterprises to meet the standards, to avoid the process of contamination of food bags bag.

Third, for the food business food packaging tailored. Packaging bags production enterprises should be based on food packaging needs of enterprises, select the appropriate packaging materials and processing technology to avoid unnecessary increase in the cost of customers. To miscellaneous grain bags, for example, now many miscellaneous grains production enterprises are required to use beautiful, fresh and good vacuum plastic packaging. Some companies choose a composite bag, that the low cost But in fact the quality of the performance of the multi-layer co-extruded material for the production of bags, the cost and the same compound. Because the thickness of the composite material to reach 100 microns, and multi-layer co-extruded material thickness of 90 microns, its anti-puncture, softness, freshness to meet the quality requirements, and because the material is the use of hot melt process, Mixture, food safety is guaranteed.