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Pet Food Packaging Bag Significantly Improve The Protection Of Packaging Functions

Modern Pet Food Packaging Bag design selection principle is: according to the protective requirements of packaged food, scientific selection of good protection function of packaging materials, a reasonable structural design and packaging and decoration design, supporting the use of sophisticated and reliable packaging machinery and equipment, the use of advanced Packaging technology, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting food, extend the shelf life.

Contrary to the above foods, fruits, vegetables and other picking after the choice of breathing, that is, the packaging of different gases have different transmission rate. For example, fried coffee beans also slowly release carbon dioxide after packaging, cheese in the packaging will produce carbon dioxide, so their packaging should be high oxygen and high carbon dioxide permeability. Raw meat, meat processing food, beverages, small food, baked goods and other packaging requirements are also very different. Therefore, should be based on the nature of the food itself and different protective requirements of the scientific design of packaging.

Choose the appropriate protective material for the packaging

Modern Pet Food Packaging Bag materials are mainly plastic, paper, composite materials (plastic / plastic, plastic / paper, plastic / aluminum, foil / paper / plastic and other types of multi-layer composite materials), glass bottles, metal cans Wait. We use composite materials and plastic packaging for the main description.

1) Composites

Composite materials are the most widely used, the most widely used a flexible packaging materials. There are currently more than 30 kinds of plastic for Pet Food Packaging Bag, and there are hundreds of multi-layer composite materials containing plastic. Composite materials generally use 2-6 layers, but the special needs of up to 10 layers or even more layers. The use of plastic, paper or tissue machines, aluminum foil and other substrates, scientific and reasonable composite or laminated compatibility, almost to meet a variety of different Pet Food Packaging Bag requirements. For example, the use of plastic / cardboard / aluminum / plastic and other multi-layer materials made of Tetra Pak packaging milk shelf life of up to six months to a year. Some high-barrier flexible packaging canned food can be up to 3 years, and some developed countries, composite packaging cake shelf life of up to one year, a year after the cake nutrition, color, smell, taste, shape and microbial content is still consistent Claim. Design of composite packaging should pay special attention to the choice of substrate, with a scientific and reasonable, the combination of the overall performance of each layer must meet the full requirements of Pet Food Packaging Bag.

2) plastic

Using advanced packaging technology

In order to extend the shelf life of food, the use of continuous development of new packaging technology, such as active packaging, anti-mildew packaging, moisture-proof packaging, anti-fog packaging, anti-static packaging, selective breathable packaging, anti-skid packaging, buffer packaging, developed countries widely used New technology, our application is not common, some methods are also blank, the application of these advanced technology can significantly improve the protection of packaging.

Selection and food processing technology supporting the packaging machinery and equipment

In order to meet the needs of food processing technology, has developed a variety of new packaging equipment, such as vacuum packaging machine, vacuum inflatable packaging machine, shrinking packaging machine, blister packaging machine, body packaging machine, sheet thermoforming equipment, liquid Filling machine, forming / filling / sealing packaging machine, aseptic packaging complete sets of equipment. According to the choice of packaging materials and packaging technology, selection or design and food processing technology, production capacity supporting the packaging machinery, is a guarantee of successful packaging.

Modeling, structural design should meet the scientific requirements

Packaging design should meet the geometric requirements, trying to use a minimum of packaging materials made of larger volumes of containers, which can save packaging materials, and meet environmental requirements. Packaging container structure design should meet the mechanical requirements, pressure strength, impact resistance, resistance to drop strength, etc. should be consistent with the packaging of the storage, transportation, sales process requirements. The design of the packaging container should be innovative, such as pineapple-shaped container with pineapple juice, apple-like packaging apple juice and other lively packaging containers worthy of promotion. Packaging containers should be easy to open or repeatedly open, and some require the display open or sealed.

In line with China and the exporting country's packaging regulations

Packaging operations from beginning to end every step should be in accordance with the packaging standards, regulations, regulations for selection, sealing, printing, binding labeling, standardization, standardization throughout the packaging process, which is conducive to raw materials supply, commodity circulation and international trade, packaging container recycling And waste packaging materials, etc. should meet the environmental requirements.