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Should My Product Need In A Flexible Packaging?


1.stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches continue to be one of the most popular versions of product packaging.The wide face Pouch Packaging and back along with the bottom gusset allow this style to stand on a store shelf while at the same time provide a generous amount of room for custom printing or an applied label.  In regards to custom printing, stand up pouches, also known as stand bags, can be printed up to 12 colors and available features include ziplocks, tear notches, gas valves, and hang holes.Products ranging from dry goods like spices, cereal, snacks along with coffee and tea as well as non-food items work perfectly in this pouch packaging style. Pet food packaging such as dog chews and cat nip merchandise quite nicely in stand up pouches as well.  There are different bottom gussets for stand up pouches that are used depending on the weight and volume of the product being packaged and items from less than 1 pound to well over 10 pounds can be packaged in stand up bags.Stand up pouches are recyclable and landfill friendly.


2. Flat barrier bags/3 side seal bag

Flat barrier bags are another popular style.  This style of packaging is known as a 3 side seal bag. 3 side seal bag there isn’t a bottom gusset so these cannot stand however many clients will choose this type of pouch packaging and add a hang hole as flat barrier bags work very well as part of a display with pegs or they just lay them down.3 side seal bag for retail are perfect for smaller items less than 1 pound such as spices and ingredients or even pet treats and non-food items such as chemicals. To be clear,3 side seal bags can certainly hold more than 1 pound and have printing as good as tand up pouches and other product packaging, however since they can only hang or lay flat they provide limited retail options.  Options for flat 3 side seal pouch packaging range from ziplocks and tear notches and hang holes.It is also recyclable and landfill friendly.


3.Spouted Stand Up Pouches

Spouted stand up pouches for liquids continue to grow in popularity. Using the design from its sister the spouted_stand_up_pouchstandup bag, spouted pouch packaging can stand effectively on a store shelf and hold liquid such as water, juice, alcohol, soap, and even fluid chemicals.  This pouch style can be used instead of rigid and semi-rigid bottles and jars because a key part of these stand bags is they have a spout and cap applied.This style can be printed up to 12 colors and the spout and cap can be in the center of the pouch or on one of the corners.  Further, spouted stand up pouches use a fraction of the energy to make and take up a fraction of the room required by other liquid packaging for storage and shipping.Spouted stand up pouches are recyclable and landfill friendly.

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4. Flat Bottom Bags

Flat bottom flexible box bags are cousins of the stand up pouch.  Made from multiple layers of barrier filmflat_bottom1 this packaging style has a wide face and back like a stand bag while also having side and bottom gussets.  Because of this design, this pouch style can hold more volume than traditional stand up pouches yet use up to 15% less film.  From a marketing perspective, all of these gussets are perfect for custom printing up to 12 colors and can be made with ziplocks, tear notches, hang holes, and gas valves.  Flat bottom pouch packaging was created to mimic a box and folding carton.  This design uses the barrier properties of the laminated film to protect the contents while eliminating the excess inner packaging that is normally required for boxes and folding cartons.  Flat bottom stand up pouches are recyclable and landfill friendly.


5. Rollstock printed film

Rollstock is another form of pouch packaging but in this case the real emphasis is on machinery that canrollstock-1 take these rolls of film and bend and fold and seal to create finished pouches such as stand up pouches and flat barrier bags. Again, the equipment used is critical for what the rollstock can be created to do.  Basic rollstock converting machinery can make flat barrier bags while elaborate ones can add ziplocks, hang holes, gas valves, and convert into finished stand up pouches.  Rollstock is made from the same barrier film used for the other styles of pouch packaging listed above.

In closing these are some of the most popular styles of pouch packaging.  As diverse as the products they hold, the flexible packaging industry continues to come up with innovative styles that are cost effective while protecting the contents inside.